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Baskets Galore's Christmas Checklist

Ask everyone the one thing they wish they had done better once Christmas is over and the easy will always be "I should of planned ahead better." Well this year Baskets Galore are here to help, we have created the prefect Christmas Checklist. The great thing about this list is that you don't have to be super organised to be able to follow it and some steps will not appeal to everyone so use it as a guide to preparing for your Christmas. We hope this helps #MakeChristmasEasy, unfortunately our personal list would be very different with all shopping, wrapping and Christmas card sending being done in November since we are so busy packing and dispatching Christmas Gift Baskets & Hampers in Decemeber.





  1. Bake your Christmas treats in advance and then freeze them, this way you have delicious homemade festive food without the stress of making them while buying, wrapping and sending Christmas gifts.
  2. Create a master gift list and include a budget overall along with a separate budget for each individual on the list.
  3. Start your Christmas shopping as early as possible, this especially includes Online Shopping(to ensure delivery for Christmas)
  4. Wrap gifts as soon you buy them, this helps keep people from finding them but also saves time later on.


1st December


  1. Stock up on ingredients for warm drinks (this is one of the most important to get you in the Christmas Spirit without having to go to the Coffee shops).


5th December



  1. Make a note of when the last postal delivery is scheduled for local, national and most importantly international destinations.


6th December



  1. Buy a real/bring down artificial tree
  2. Decorate the tree and the house (this can be done on the Saturday or Sunday, either means that the whole family can get involved).


7th December



  1. Plan your Christmas Day meal, this may seem obsessive but those lovely fancy foods you want to make need to be practiced in advance to ensure no Christmas morning disasters.


10th December



  1. Stock up on batteries for the children's toys, this is a must because I don't need to tell you what happens when the one toy they wanted to play with the most comes with batteries that you don't have.


15th December



  1. Dig out the Christmas Albums to everyone in that festive spirit.
  2. Make Festive Adult Drinks (only to make sure that you are truly in the festive spirit).


17th December



  1. This is the time you need to be checking your list twice, if you have forgotten any presents now is the time to get shopping.


21st December



  1. Around this time is the perfect opportunity to buy all non-perishable Christmas treats (leaving the fresh ingredients till closer to the date).


22nd December



  1. Hopefully all presents should now have been bought and you can spend the day finishing your wrapping (Thank us now for reminding you to wrap them as you buy them).


23rd December



  1. Buy the fresh ingredients so that you can be sure they will be in good condition
  2. Also depending on your cooking schedule you could bring the turkey out to defrost (this obviously only applies to those who buy a large frozen turkey).


24th December



  1. Again depending on your cooking schedule you could bring your turkey out to defrost now
  2. Recharge the batteries for your camera &/or video recorder
  3. Begin food preparation to save time on Christmas morning
  4. Find some time to relax either before or after the children have gone to bed


25th December



  1. Make more Festive Adult Drinks (as early as possible)
  2. Don't forget to relax & enjoy the day (that is why you followed this list)

Let us know if this list is helpful to you in the comments below.


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