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We Take Requests - Maintaining That Personal Touch.

We have always strived to offer a high level of customer service at BasketsGalore, by offering that personal touch of customisation and special requests.

As you grow as a company it can be more difficult to maintain the personal touch as you have to have a certain amount of standardisation, however we are proud to still uphold this and try to facilitate our customer requests whenever possible.

In the past we have sourced novels by a particular author, a James Bond DVD box set, particular brands of perfume and vouchers for stores/restaurants.

A few years ago we introduced magazines into our Get Well Gift Baskets, and these have proved to be a big hit. Our customers can choose between standard options like health, fitness, lifestyle, celebrity or beauty. We carry these in stock all of the time, however what if the recipient has a particular hobby or a specialist interest? This is where our personal shopper comes into play. Meet Selina.


Selina is often tasked with sourcing more unusual titles of magazines. When we asked her about it she informed us of some of the kinds of magazines she has been asked to purchase on behalf of our lovely customers. She remembers buying antiques, private eye, travel, business & angling magazines, as well as magazines for teenagers and magazines for men (**mutters under breathe**) like Playboy and Mayfair.

She says the shop assistants must think she has a very wide range of interests and hobbies as she is in buying such an extensive range of titles every week!

If you are creating your own gift basket there is a "Special Request" option in the drop down menu for both the women's and men's magazine product. What's better is that it doesn't cost you any more than if you pick one of the listed titles.

As I mentioned before the magazines also feature in many of our pre-designed get well baskets and so if you wish to send one of these you can simply enter the magazine request in the comments box instead.


Which magazine title would you most like to receive?

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