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The Cheshire Cheese Company Is Making Baskets Galore Grin

This year we wanted to branch out and try some different types of cheeses, as previously we have only stocked Irish cheeses. With Christmas coming up this is the perfect time to trial some new cheeses, because what is Christmas without some delicious cheeses for your cheese platters. We found some lovely companies, one was from Scotland they made very tasty cheeses but the company was based on an island which meant that delivery would of been quite difficult. Finally we found a company that could make delicious gourmet cheeses but could also deliver efficiently.

The company we decided to go for was the Cheshire Cheese Company, who are based in Tolletts Farm in Macclesfield. It was co-funded by Richard Buxton and Simon Spurrell in association with David Williams in 2010. Richard and Simon have used their combined experience and in depth knowledge of sales, marketing, graphic design and branding along with David's master cheese making skills to create one of the most exciting, fun and fast growing dairy brands in the UK. They have created a unique range of exceptional tasting and multi-international award winning cheese all produced in the heart of Cheshire.

They have a wide range of amazing flavours to choose from, some of their more adventurous flavours include Jamaican Jerk Spicy Gourmet Cheddar, El Gringo Chilli, Lime & Tequila Cheddar and Irish Whiskey & Stem Ginger. We decided upon choosing the following flavours to trial first, if they prove to be as popular with the customers as they are with the guys in the office and warehouse we could branch out and stock more of a variety of flavours.

Creamy Cheshire Traditional Cheddar

This cheese is lovely, creamy and moist not too dry or crumbly, it has a mild and salty taste.

  • Victoria - "This is a delicious change from hard cheese, it is different but in a really good way."
  • Kate - "The flavour just makes you have another piece and then another and then another and then oops its all gone"
Creamy Traditional Cheshire Cheddar Creamy Traditional Cheshire Cheddar

Old Hag Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar

This cheese is part of their gourmet range, taking the finest medium mature cheddar and blending it with their local Wincle Breweries 'Old Hag' Porter Stout Ale and adding wholegrain mustard to create a taste sensation. It's serving suggestions include English Rarebit on toast or melt with Creme Fraiche for a delicious fish sauce.

  • Slywia - "Rich and flavourful with a lovely smooth texture."
  • Lynne - "It is divine."
Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar

Garlic & Chive Cheshire Cheese

This cheese is uses garlic from The Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight (they are producers of some of the best garlic in the world), the garlic is blended with chives and their legendary Creamy Chesire Cheese. The result is a moreish tangy super tasty cheese. It is fantastic to eat on its own or as part of a part of a recipe, it is perfect to cook with.

  • Luke - "Would be lovely melted on nachos with tomatoes and jalapenos."
  • Roma - "Lovely long lasting flavour."
Garlic & Chive Cheddar Garlic & Chive Cheddar

The results are which was our favourite is as follows: (this was such a hard decision)

1st - Creamy Traditional Cheddar 

2nd - Wincle Ale & Mustard Cheddar 

3rd - Garlic & Chive Cheddar

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