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Send A Hug In The Post With BasketsGalore

I have often heard people saying how they wish they could "send a hug" to someone in the mail. This is usually when someone is poorly or a bit down in the dumps and they can't be with them in person to give them an actual hug.

Well how about sending them a gift of a hug in the form of a cuddly "Cozy Hottie" by Aroma Home?

Aroma Home began back in 2000 by creating heated body wraps with the special ingredient of aromatherapy.  "By gently warming a wheat bag, infused with aromatherapy pure essential oils, in the microwave, for one minute released aromatic fragrances that aided deep sleep and relaxation, as well as relief from tension or stress."

The wraps were such a great success they decided to do a bit of research & branch out into new, fun products. Their range now includes body warmers, eye masks, hand warmers, feet warmers, and slippers for adults and pillows, cuddly friends, blankets and ear muffs for kids.

We fell in love with the 'Cozy Hotties' for kids and 'Hot Hugs', Satin Eye Masks & heated Body Wraps for our adult pamper gift baskets. There are so many cute characters to choose from it's very hard to narrow it down to our favourites!

These cuddly friends have a removable pouch in their tummies. You simply pop this pouch into the microwave and it heats up the tourmaline infused with essential oils to create a lovely, lasting warmth and fragrance. Perfect for soothing and aiding relaxation and sleep. You can add these little beauties to your gift basket on our "Create Your Own" site too.


Are you lucky enough to own one of these cuddly characters & if so, does he or she hug you better?

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