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Latest News On BasketsGalore Bakery Range Design

You may have read Jade's past blogs about the course she went on with Neil in relation to the design of our new bakery range brand. Laura took over from Jade on the DDP program with Invest NI and joined Neil at the latest part of the course to see our final 2 choices in all their glory.

We had been paired with Journeyfor in Belfast and they sent us through 8 possible names for the new brand after brainstorming with Neil and Laura and reading our design brief.

Unfortunately we didn't love any of the initial names and it was a case of "back to the drawing board" as the brief had been interpreted slightly differently by the creative pair working on the design. After further discussions about what we wanted the brand to represent Tim & Christine came down to our offices to present the 4 final brand names and the design concept behind them.

Here are some pictures of us all listening and watching their presentation intently!

design pres 2 design pres 1

We all discussed the options and what we liked and didn't like and soon narrowed the 4 concepts down to 2. We also asked to combine certain parts of the rejected concepts into the brands we did like, so you can pick your favourite aspects of each.

Tim & Christine then had to go away and make the changes before presenting the final 2 brand ideas to Neil & Laura and all the other companies taking part in the design course.



The 2 final brand ideas are:

1. The Grade

2. Good & Proper

Comment below with which option you prefer?

bakery brand

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