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BasketsGalore Is Getting Into The Christmas Spirit Early

For the past few months we have been working hard to get organised for Christmas. Unfortunately it doesn't just arrive by itself, a lot of work and preparation goes into making it a success. We start thinking about Christmas as early as January! And then start preparing after Father's Day in June, so while everyone else is thinking about the sun and going to the beach we are thinking about snow and eating mince pies.

To begin with we research potential new products, which means more taste tests Thursdays! As soon as possible we begin ordering Christmas products, so we are both organised but also so we can give companies enough time in advance to ensure our orders can be fulfilled. Once we have confirmation on the products we are going to be using for the gift baskets, then Lynne and Neil sit down and have the difficult job of deciding which products should go into which baskets and hampers.

The names of the Christmas baskets and hampers usually stay the same, but we like to revamp the products for the hampers every year. Though, everyone would agree that a hamper with every Christmas product would be amazing. This sit down meeting results in Slywia being given a big pile of A3 pieces of paper with the lists of products for each hamper. We also need the suppliers to be able to send us some samples of the selected products to be included so as they can be photographed as part of the overall hamper. This might sound simple enough, but it can be difficult to source Christmas pudding and Cranberry sauce in June!

Then Slywia heads down to the in-house white photography room armed with her lists, and she will return within the month with a set of marvellous photographs. The photography room has to be set up for the Christmas photo shoot to enable her to take the pictures. The stage is set up and lit with the photography lamps, the shelves are stocked with delicious and festive Christmas props. As soon as the room is properly set up then the products are presented on the table a few shots are taken, then they are re-positioned and a few more shots are taken, and then they are re-positioned again and even more shots are taken. Slywia is very particular about how she positions the products, ensuring that no product is hidden in the background because as she says "They are all just too nice not to be seen." It is Slywia's passion that translates the single products on the list to the basket and hamper masterpieces that are produced.

The photographs for each basket or hamper are shortlisted to ensure that only the best photograph is selected, the photos are then given to the in-house design team, who edit the background by whitening them, to make sure the products stand out. Then the images are passed to the website team, who upload the images to the website and add the descriptions. The images and descriptions are then used by the in-house design team to create the Christmas Brochure. After the website and brochure are populated and created, all that is left to do is to begin preparing the baskets in advance with the decorative ribbons in preparation for the Christmas rush. Here at Baskets Galore we have an extensive range of Christmas baskets and hampers, below is an overview of some of the varieties available.

Traditional Christmas Hampers



Which style of Christmas basket or hamper is your favourite?

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