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BasketsGalore - Infographic on Gift Deliveries In 2013 For UK Based Company

With the girls (Roma, Kate and Victoria) in the office working hard to keep track of all the orders and making sure that they get delivered, it got us thinking "where do we send the most baskets to?"

We got hold of the entire list of orders from 2013 and collated all the data in order to find the top city/town for BasketsGalore deliveries. We discovered that although London was by far the most popular, there were also a lot of other cities and towns that were increasingly popular. It then occurred to us that this information would be interesting to share with our customers & other businesses, and what better way to present it than in an infographic (rather than a long & boring list of place names!)

To make the infographic less cluttered we produced three graphics for our main markets, one for the UK, one for Ireland and one for Europe.  Each of the graphics only uses the specific basket totals from that area to calculate percentages. Some towns/cities/countries that baskets were sent to were not displayed because they did not fit the percentage criteria. (this  means the percentages shown won't always add up to 100% as only the top ones are represented)

The first graphic created was the delivery results for the UK. This graphic is split into the English counties that scored 1.4% or over, though London is shown separately because of the sheer volume of baskets being sent to London. Also the UK graphic shows the towns and cities outside of England that scored 0.5% and over (e.g. Belfast and Glasgow). The graphic shows the top two results,  in first place is London with 18%, which is not surprising as our gift baskets have always been popular in London & it is the most densely populated area.  In second place is County Yorkshire (the city of York is the main contributor to this high result) with 2.4%, its popularity may be because of our Ancient York Gift Basket.

UK Delivery Infographic

The graphic for Ireland is split into counties and only the counties which scored 2% or more are displayed on the graphic. The graphic shows the top two results, in first place is Co.Dublin (Dublin had the highest result in this county) with 24% and in second place is Co. Antrim (Belfast had the highest result in this county) with 16%. These results are not surprising as they are the two capital cities in Ireland & Northern Ireland respectively.

Ireland Delivery Infographic Ireland Delivery Infographic

The graphic for Europe is split into countries, with only countries that scored 1% or more displayed in the graphic. Towns and cities are not included to make the graphic easier to understand as the figures for each town/city wouldn't have had a significant enough percentage. The graphic shows the top two results, in first place is Germany (this is no surprise as Germany's population is 81.89 million) with 20% and in second place is Sweden (which is more surprising as Sweden's population is 9.517 million) with 15%. We have several corporate clients who send repeat gifts to colleagues in Sweden so these orders may have influenced the figures.

Europe Delivery Infographic Europe Delivery Infographic

We love that our gift baskets are not only bringing happiness to people close to us, but also further afield. We would love to be able to expand our delivery service internationally, but many countries have strict custom laws (particularly in relation to food items) that would result in the gift receiver having to pay taxes on the gift basket and the delivery being delayed.

We have sent gifts to Canada, the US, Hong Kong, Australia & South Africa in past years before for businesses and as personal gifts. Quite often when the parcels were marked as gifts then no customs fees would be applied & they were delivered within 2 working days.

We are keen offer this service again with our new worldwide delivery rate with DHL Couriers, and so will be designing a range of gift baskets suitable for exporting to give them the best chance of clearing customs without that pesky fee.

Is there a particular country you would be keen to send a gift basket to - for a friend, family member or colleague perhaps?

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