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Baskets Galore Only Employs Chocoholics

This weeks #tastetestthursday is a scrumptious selection of Chocolate Lollies, it was just so much chocolate, mmmm! We all went home with our faces like this little ones!

Image from Image from

We got the delivery from HF Chocolates they have the best job ever, they are a wholesale chocolate and sweets company. Traders can buy every different type of chocolate and sweet treats you could ever think of, for example chocolate credit cards and gaming controls as a few examples of their brilliant products. They provided us with a large selection of chocolate lollies with every different topping combination available. The options of toppings included sprinkles, smarties, jelly beans, jelly gems, white chocolate, milk chocolate and white buttons with sprinkles.

Who choose which lolly? Who is a chocolate lover and who loves both too much to choose?

Here are a few comments from our taste testers:

Lynne "These take me back to my childhood, picking my 10p mix up"

Andrea "I have just recently rediscovered my love for smarties after making top hats."

Laura " Best of both worlds, milk and white chocolate together."

Shannon "Smarties and more chocolate, you can't get much better than that."

Johnny "I love jelly sweets so much."

It is obvious that the Milk Chocolate and Jelly Gems Lolly is the most popular, comment below which you would choose.

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