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BasketsGalore's Favourite Flower Types

Although summer is now officially over it is still nice to see so many flowers leaving with gift baskets, as flowers are not just for summer. Flowering plants have only been a permanent edition to our gift basket ranges for a couple of months, but we cannot seem to keep enough in stock for all the orders. I love all the flowering plant orders because it means that the warehouse always looks like it is in full bloom. So I began to wonder if there were any one with green fingers in the office or the warehouse, turns out a lot of people had favourites. The results I got were slightly unexpected as most people didn't just mention common plants. They liked plants that were either exotic, different or very colourful.

Kate - African Violets , they bloom all year round without much effort and they come in so many different colours

Lynne - Hibiscus - Individual blossoms only last a few days but they can grow up to 8 inches in diameter, brings a touch of the tropics to my living room

Shannon - Oxalis, I love the triangle clover-like purple leaves with beautiful white and pink blossoms

Johnny - Peace Lily is just so easy to take care of and they look so elegant with their creamy white flowers

Kasia - Anthurium ,it's beautiful with heart shaped flowers and foilage and they are so colourful

Andrea - Many-Flowered Jasmine, the lovely pink or white flowers are some of the most fragrant you will find on a houseplant

Selina - Kaffir Lily , the reddish orange colour is magnificent, they bloom well in the winter to help brighten up January

Laura - Christmas Cactus, their flowers colour match the season and it responds well to the winter weather

Slyvia - Crown - of - Thorns , it is very easy to maintain as it doesn't need much water, they are such a pretty flower

Roma - Shrimp Plant, the colours are beautiful, it grows fast and blooms its flower spikes all year round

Victoria  - Geranium, they look and smell amazing especially with the intense purple flowers.

Neil - Guzmania, it is a member of the pineapple family, it is striking to look at and the colours are very bright and exotic

(All images are courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens)

Maybe one day we will be able to offer all sorts of exotic plants with our gift baskets!

What is your favourite flower or plant?

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