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Baskets Galore's Worldwide Customer Reach

At BasketsGalore the majority of orders we receive are in fact placed by one person, but delivered to another person. This is because we specialise in gifts and so delivery to the end receiver is the most common choice.

As we are also an online company, it means we have a global reach and consumers around the world can find our website and order gifts for their friends, family and colleagues in the UK, Ireland and Europe.

We were interested to see how far our reach actually spread internationally and so crunched the figures for 2013. This produced a long list of cities and countries which truthfully looked a little bit boring! Along came Shannon who, tasked with turning this list into something more interesting and easier to understand, produced the following infographic:

Sender infographic copy

We couldn't include every single country from the list, so instead went with the most popular i.e countries we have received more than a single order from. We think the map gives a good and thorough contrast of countries and customers reached.

We find it really exciting to think of our lovely customers scattered around the globe, logging onto BasketsGalore and browsing for a gift for their loved ones. We really love the fact that we can bring people closer together, even when physically they may be thousands of miles apart.

Can you see your country on the map? Or do you think yours should feature?

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