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Baskets Galore's Fruit & Veg Health Kick

When you are ill or feeling under the weather, you know you need to get vitamins and nutrients into your body to build your immune system back up, I know that is one thing that is easier said than done when your sick.

The perfect solution is to blend up some of the fruit from your delicious Baskets Galore fruit gift basket and that way you have a natural boost of energy. I can't think of anything more refreshing than a delicious fruit basket which I could turn into even more delicious fruit juices to enjoy and share.

We all know that having more fruit and vegetables are good for us but do we always get a good variety in our diets? (I know I don't even though I always have the best intentions when I start the grocery shopping.) Don't fear there is no need for brand specific blenders all you need is your trusty liquidizer blender that has been sitting way in the back of the cupboard for who knows how long. Then you take the fruit or vegies you wouldn't fancy eating raw and blend them up together, suddenly they taste much better. Your body will thank you for the fresh goodness and you will enjoy it too. Although making fruit juices a larger part of your diet can have the opposite affects, as fruit is very high in sugar.

The following image below shows fruit juice recipes that could be easily be made with the fruit available in Basket Galore fruit basket range, the image also details the suggested serving and also the percentage of the an adult's guided daily sugar allowance for each juice.

Healthy Juice Recipes Healthy Juice Recipes


Below are the gift baskets which are available in our Fruit Gift Basket range.


Which fruit and vegies do you think we should add to our current fruit basket range?

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