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Baskets Galore Top 10 Tips On Surviving the Back To School Colds

With today being the first day of Autumn, and school is starting to get into full swing, you know the inevitable is just around the corner.

The dreaded back to school colds, no matter what age your child is they will succumb to the don'ts of cold etiquette, in the midst of the excitement they will forget to keep their distance from other sick children, they will forget to wash their hands before eating and the main reason being that they don't want to waste any precious playing time and finally it is hard sometimes for children of any age (or some adults for that matter) to remember to cover their mouth after coughing or sneezing. So you may has well face the facts that your house will more than likely not be the lucky one that escapes the rotten colds. All is not lost though as we have some top tips curtsy of WebMD to help you control your child's colds.

1. How to slow down that pesky runny nose

You know from experience yourself that a runny nose can be very frustrating, a continual runny nose also means that your child's little sensitive nose runs the risk of being rubbed raw even when using the softest tissues (which you spent what felt like hours searching for in all the supermarkets). To ease the never ending drip try using some saline nasal drops, alternatively if your child is not fond of the drops touching their nose you can use a small amount of Vicks vapour rub when they are sleeping.

2. What to do when the runny nose turns all stuffy

Everyone will agree that a lovely steamy shower doesn't only help your stuffy nose but that warm clean feeling helps make you feel nice and refreshed. What could be better than once your finished your refreshing shower than to get into your clean, comfy pyjamas and sit down to a delicious warm chicken soup, these are by far my favourite remedies (I am sure they are yours too). If the stuffy nose persists you may need to contact your doctor for advice on which medicine to use to treat it.

3. For the cough that just won't quit

Coughing is normal when you have something bugging your throat, it will usually go away on it's own but when it stops your child from falling asleep then it becomes a bigger problem. The sweetest remedy is to give your child older than 1 years old a spoon of honey before bed.

4. When the coughing leaves your child wheezing

Wheezing can be a sign of a chest cold. If you notice wheezing, struggling for breath, difficulty talking or unusually fast breathing, it would be advised to take them to their doctor for advice.

5. For when the throat feels the effects of the continually coughing

Sometimes the continual coughing causes their throats to be sore and it can be hard for them to cope with swallowing. If your child is too young for throat lozenges you should use hot or cold liquids to help soothe the throat, ice lollies are a favourite. Though, if their throat continues to be sore and they are 6 years old or over then you could use a throat spray to help ease the pain.

6. What to do when they get they aches and pains

When the aches and pains come it could become hard for your child to settle and get comfortable. To help ease the pain you could give them either ibuprofen or paracetamol, always read the packet to make sure that you give the right dosage for their age.

7. When the unwanted ear ache or infection arrives

When fluid builds up from a mild cold it can cause an ear ache. Covering your child's ear with a moist warm cloth will help the pain. If the pain still persists then you could give them paracetamol or ibuprofen, remember to check the packet for dosage information.

8. For when it all gets too much and the fever takes over

If your child's temperature is over 39c it may be the flu, it would be advised to take them to their doctor for advice if the fever persists at high temperatures. Over wise you should dress them in light layers and give them plenty to drink, when kids are hot, they can get dehydrated quickly.

9. How to get an active child to rest

Rest is one of the best and simplest remedies but that quickly becomes one of the hardest to acheive when you have an active child, try giving them creative activities to do when they are awake like reading, doing puzzles or some arts and crafts. These are soothing ways to help them rest rather than them getting bored watching day time cartoons.

10. If your child experiences Vomiting or Diarrhea

Either of these experience will make them dehydrated very quickly. You should give your child something to replenish their lost fluids, the following drinks are options depending upon the severity of the dehydration, dioralyte, clear soups, water or diluted juice. Start with small sips every 5 mins, then when they can drink without throwing up, give them larger amounts to drink.

Now those tips should help you to tackle those nasty colds head on, be sure to share these tips along and hopefully this cold season will be more bearable. Remember that we also do get well gift baskets, some contain fruit to help boost your immune system, some have nice treats to munch on and some have toys, books or puzzles to keep you from getting bored while recovering.


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