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You Asked And We Delivered. Welcome To Baskets Galore's New Floral Basket Collection!

When sending gifts to your friends and loved ones, how do you want them to react?

You want them to smile and to have their day brightened by your gift, naturally!

How better to achieve this than by giving them a delightful gift basket full of treats you know they will love but also a flowering plant, and while the plant lasts so will that great feeling. It's a lovely reminder of the thoughtful gift you gave them, to have in their home or hospital room.

At Baskets Galore, we want only the best for our customers and of course the customer's recipients, so we have created a new Flowering Plant Gift Basket collection for all year round. Having offered flowering plant baskets for Mother's Day, we soon realised what a hit they were and were inundated with requests for non-Mother's Day versions!

The idea behind the floral baskets was to incorporate flowering plants to the already adored baskets we offer, to provide that (even more) perfect gift for all occasions. We think these baskets are ideal for saying "Get Well", "Thank you" and "Happy Birthday". To ensure that the floral baskets are available for all these occasions we created a number of different options with the flowering potted plants by combining them with sweet and savory treats and foods, fresh seasonal fruit, baked treats, hand creams and more, because no one basket suits all.

We anticipate the fruit and flower variations to be particularly popular, based on the requests we have received over the years. Up until now it had been difficult to package fruit and flowering plants together as they are both quite bulky and so it was difficult to minimize the transportation costs through the delivery network in order to make it a viable product offering.

Below is a look at the Flower Gift Basket Collection (For full product details visit the Flower Gift Ideas webpage. Please note prices were correct at time of writing 05.08.14)


Flowers & Treats £39.99 Flowers & Treats £39.99


Flowering Delight £49.99 Flowering Delight £49.99


Flowers & Bakery £49.99 Flowers & Bakery £49.99


Flowers & Cheese £49.99 Flowers & Cheese £49.99


Flowers & Chocolate £49.99 Flowers & Chocolate £49.99


Lady's Floral Basket £49.99 Lady's Floral Basket £49.99


Floral and Fruit £99.00 Floral and Fruit £99.00


Let us know if you are loving our new floral baskets collection, what you love about them or what we could add to make them even better?

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