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New To Baby BasketsGalore - Frugi Muslins and Bibs

Out of all the items in our warehouse, I would say Frugi is one of the brands we have the biggest range of products of. Quantity-wise, it might not compete with other items we stock but the sheer amount of different Frugi items we stock is rather impressive – if I do say so myself.

We have Frugi babygowns, Frugi babygrows, blankets, romper bodysuits, long sleeved bodysuits and short sleeve bodysuits. It might not seem like much when listed like that, but if you consider the fact that there are two to four different designs in each of those categories along with different sizes, you have one impressive collection. Our range is impressive enough that, when I wander out into the warehouse in search for one particular Frugi item, I would stare at the shelves in despair, because I’ve yet to become familiar to their storage layout. (I will learn the whereabouts of everything properly one day, I’m sure – fingers crossed)

It cannot be helped though, Frugi makes such adorable designs that we just have to stock up on this much to represent big a variety they are capable of creating.

Newest to our collection are Frugi muslin bibs and the Frugi 2 pack muslin sets, made from organic cotton.

frugi bib

The Frugi muslin bibs had already found their way onto Andrea’s baby, Rowan, (pictured above) who happily tested the product for us. The bibs are soft to touch, and thick as well. So far, testing shows that they are perfect for catching those spills, splatters and, most importantly, all the excess saliva for when the child is teething. Rowan can vouch for this as Andrea says he is a VERY dribbly baby!

frugi muslin

The muslin 2 pack are made of soft organic cotton, free from harsh chemicals and are sure to be extra soft against baby’s skin. Measuring 74cm x 74cm, these square pieces of muslin's are not only colourful to look at, but great multi-purpose pieces for parents and babies’ everyday life. They are perfect as an impromptu blanket or sunshade, to place over your shoulder when winding baby, to mop up any burps or to place under baby's head when they are napping to save the sheets!

These new items will soon be appearing in our pre-designed baby gift baskets, but in the meantime you can add them here, when creating your own baby gift basket.

With our range increasing constantly, what other baby products do you think we should stock?

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