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Baskets Galore Are Getting Serious About Snacks!

DISCLAIMER: This one is definitely for the guys!

Have you ever been enjoying a refreshing drink (probably a pint of some kind) whether at home or in your local pub/bar and you've got the craving for a savory snack but the snacks available just don't cut it?

Serious Pig have the answer, George Rice created Serious Pig because he found himself in this situation too many times, so he did something about.

They have created a mouth watering range of pork related snacks, using British pork, their products have won the Gold Taste Award. They use the finest pork loin infused with a special blend of herbs and spices, cured and air-dried in the traditional way before being sliced to produce the seriously tasty Snackingham Dried Ham. The authentic salami is produced from the finest British pork and a careful blend of herbs and spices. If that doesn't sound delicious then I don't know what does. What makes these snacks even better is that they are also a healthier alternative, so you won't feel too bad when you have scoffed a whole packet without even realising it.

Currently we supply the Snackingham Dried Ham, Chilli & Paprika Salami (which has a subtle balance of spice, tasting similar to Spanish Chorizo) and a new product called Snackling which is a light and crispy pork crackling snack.

serious pig all 3

If you are struggling to find a gift for a man, what man would not like to spend his evening chomping down on these snacks. So to help you below is the selection of baskets that currently stock Serious Pig products:

Comment below which of the snacks would be your favourite? I think mine would have to be the Snackingham Dried Ham.

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