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Are Wedding Lists A Thing Of The Past? |Top 5 Alternative Wedding Gift Ideas

I've been lucky enough to be invited to 2 weddings in the next few weeks and naturally have now started stressing about what I am going to wear. Of course I have a range of dresses in the wardrobe I could probably call upon, but since having my son last year I've found they just don't sit the same or aren't the most flattering on the old mummy tummy. Well that's my excuse for needing a new dress and I'm sticking to it!

Amongst all this outfit stress I then realised we hadn't received details of a wedding list with either invitation. This got me thinking that perhaps it's no longer 'the norm' to ask guests for a present. Perhaps because many people are getting married later these days. I checked the stats and  "the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics (UK) show the average age at which men get married is 30.8 years, while women are typically aged 28.9 years when they tie the knot".

By this age most have moved out of home or are living with their partner and so are likely to have already purchased all the household essentials. So what are the alternatives the bride and groom may ask for, or you could offer instead?

1)  Your Presence

That old chestnut! This might work if the wedding is in some far-flung exotic location and so you are already forking out for flights and accommodation. However, if the wedding is at your local hotel you may not get away with this (despite the hosts protestations).

2) Plain Old Money

Always a winner, but there's not much thought involved so it can seem a little impersonal. Foreign currency for their honeymoon destination does require a little more effort on your part and at least you can give it on the proviso that they swim with dolphins or do a parachute jump!

3) Money Towards Honeymoon

When honeymoons are booked via a travel agents the engaged couple can often set up an account & give their guests a code to allow them to add funds to it. Sometimes they are even set up with activities the couple would like to do while on honeymoon so you can pay towards their meal on the beach or ride on an elephant.

4) Vouchers

Vouchers for department stores, nice restaurants or spa days are bound to come in handy and seem slightly less blunt than money. Money can be tight after weddings and honeymoons so it is nice to have a little something to look forward to when you are suffering those post-wedding blues.

5) Wedding Gift Basket

A gift basket makes a great gift by itself or in conjunction with money/vouchers. As I mentioned, simply giving money may seem a bit impersonal so why not pop the cheque or envelope into a wedding gift basket full of champagne, chocolates and snacks for the happy couple to enjoy. That way they get the money they really want, but a little something extra on top & it will make you feel great to hand it all over!

BasketsGalore specialize in unique wedding gift baskets. They are often ordered by companies as gifts for their colleagues or by guests who are unable to attend the big event but wish to pass on their congratulations.

Popular wedding gift baskets can be cheese & wine hampers, breakfast baskets or chocolate gifts containing sparkling wine, marshmallows & chocolate dipping sauce.


Wedding_Wishes Mr_and_Mrs_Gift_Basket Breakfast-Basket






Not so much wedding baskets, but thank you baskets are also popular at times of weddings as these are often purchased as gifts for the mother and father of the bride and groom.

So what do you think? Which alternative gift would you prefer to receive or to give as a wedding present? Or would you still prefer to create/purchase from a wedding list?

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