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Tutti Fruity Baskets Galore!

Some of the most striking looking gift baskets on BasketsGalore's website are the amazing fruit gift baskets as they literally look good enough to eat. The colourful selection of fresh fruits combined with other lip smackingly tasty treats literally make my mouth water.

All our fruit baskets had a photography makeover last year, with the most popular price point being around £45. Because of this there is quite a wide selection of fruit variations at this price level.

However, lately we have been getting an increasing number of requests for larger, more expensive fruit baskets and when lots of you ask, you tend to get!

Lynne got to work on designing a new range of Tropical-themed fruit baskets at over £50, and we hope you agree they look amazing!

TropicalChocolate Tropical Chocolate Fruit Basket
Tropical_Cheese_Board Tropical Cheese Board Basket

As you can probably tell from the photo's and names, one has a chocolate theme and one has a cheese theme. So as well as fresh fruits such as pineapple, melon, coconut, apples, oranges, grapes, plums, kiwi, passion fruit and blueberries you receive a selection of sweet or savoury treats.

What more could you want in a fruit gift eh??

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