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Summer Virus Strikes At Work

You like to think that coughs and colds are reserved for the gloomy, winter months and that you'll have a clean bill of health in the warmer, summer months. This, however, has not been the case for a few of us BG workers.

We had a member of the warehouse team and a couple of office staff struck down by nasty summer colds, which warranted a couple of days off work until they were restored to full health. However, poor Selina was really knocked for six by a horrible virus and was off for a week and a half.

Selina informed us that she wasn't well enough to eat anything or even get out of bed, but luckily her son James was home visiting from Australia and so was able to take care of her. You know it's bad when Selina refuses a cup of tea or the opportunity to have control of the TV remote!

We're pleased to report that she is now on the mend, after a dose of medication and has resumed her dual role as BG multi-tasker and amazing childminder to her 3 grandchildren.

It made me think though that a get well basket based on fruit and other foods may not always be appropriate. This is why BasketsGalore have a range of alternative get well gift baskets in which the emphasis is not placed on eating.

Things like magazines, puzzle books, teddies and pampering products may be more welcome for certain recipients.


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