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New Corporate Management System For BasketsGalore

Kate & I in the Corporate Dept have been very excited to start trialling the new Corporate Management System that has been designed internally here at BasketsGalore.

As you may know we are predominantly an internet retailer, however we have a number of clients who order on a regular basis and so we offer them Accounts. At Christmas time we get lots of bulk orders from companies too, so we still need to be able to generate invoices and manage their orders offline.

We have been increasing our levels with every year that passes and have look at implemented an accountancy system before, however none of them were able to work for us due to our varying VAT rates. Our products are made up of various individual products, some of which are vatable and some aren't, so we can't just work with the 2 simple rates. We have many, many different rates depending on the type of basket. We then break the net amount into goods a and goods b to give a clear understanding of the make up.

So although it cannot be fully automated for generating invoices, we still needed a system to manage all the orders and their status and this is what has been built for us by the lovely IT Team.

corporate management system


Clients can simply email us a spreadsheet of delivery addresses and gift card messages and we take care of everything for you. An invoice is emailed to the purchaser & payment arranged. A delivery week is decided upon & the order scheduled for dispatch to meet this date. All orders are tracked to ensure successful deliveries. Clients are informed of any problem deliveries and assistance is provided to re-organise any failed delivery attempts.

As there are many aspects of a corporate or bulk order it's vital to have everything documented so our new system really helps to manage all of these. It also helps when you are part of a team and may need to leave notes for your colleagues who are assisting on orders. That way any member of the team has access to the notes for each order, so we can help with any inquiries for any order should the designated Account Manager not be available at the time.

We've launched the system now so we have time to familiarise ourselves with the system before the Christmas (organised) chaos descends!

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