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Great Glen Charcuterie Venison Introduced To Gourmet Gifts

We're always interested in adding new & exciting products to our gift basket range, but sometimes it's difficult to know just how successful it will be in our gift basket range.

For more unusual or short shelf life items we tend to place a small order to begin with, just until we can gauge how many orders we are receiving for the item on a weekly/monthly basis.

Recently Lynne came across a wonderful selection of products by Great Glen Charcuterie.  They supply a range of venison items in the form of chorizo, salami and pepperoni. She decided Father's Day would be an excellent time to trial the product in our gourmet gift baskets for dads. If they proved to be a hit in these particular baskets then we would look at introducing it into our main gourmet range.

She decided on trialling the  Green Pepper Vension Salami first of all. This salami is made with pure venison and gently spiced with added green peppercorns for the right balance. It was awarded 3 Gold Stars and Best Charcuterie product of the UK at the Great Taste Awards in 2013.


Here is a little bit of information about the company, taken from their website:

Great Glen specialise in producing charcuterie using only wild Scottish venison.

We are a family business set up ten years ago by myself, Anja and my husband Jan Jacob. We live and work in the beautiful little village of Roy Bridge, set deep in the rugged Scottish Highlands. As you will have guessed from our names, we are not Scottish and originally hail from The Netherlands.

All of our products are produced by hand and air dried because Jan Jacob is passionate about preserving as much of the unique and unrivalled flavour of wild venison as he possibly can. New ideas drive us forwards and we are always striving to create fresh and innovative recipes and flavours.

Great Glen Charcuterie is available in independent retail shops across the country and used by many chefs.


We hope you agree the Venison really adds to the gourmet feel of this gift basket, and is something that little bit different for the foodies out there.

Have you been lucky enough to try Great Glen Charcuterie's tasty treats? If so, get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

In the meantime we'll be analysing our summer sales to see if it has been a hit with our lovely customers!

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