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Christmas Deliveries... In July?

Summer has finally arrived at Baskets Galore, with the sun beating down for the last few days around a very pleasant 18 - 22 degrees Celsius. However, while most people are getting ready for their summer vacations, we are already preparing for our busiest time of the year, Christmas of course!

Never a day goes by at Baskets Galore when we are not thinking about the upcoming Christmas, from reviewing our most successful hampers & gift baskets from the previous Christmas to expanding our range of food & gifts for the next year.


Today, our warehouse staff arrived earlier than usual to await the new shipment of Gift Baskets & Hampers, one of our biggest and most important deliveries of the year all the way from China!

BG Warehouse filling up with Hampers & Baskets for Xmas!
photo 1

We have done this many times and have the process down to a fine art to maximize efficiency, however this morning we experienced a slight hiccup in our usual smooth operation. Our lorry arrived on time as usual with shipping container in-tow, however when we attempted to open the main shutter door into the warehouse, it wouldn't budge!

Luckily for us, we have a secondary shutter door at the other end of the warehouse, so disaster averted. We made a quick call to our contacts at the shutter door company and soon had a team of engineers out to repair our main door.

The culprit shutter door
photo 2

All systems go!
photo 3

By coordinating through our secondary shutter door, we were able to unload the shipment quickly whilst allowing the engineers to work on the main door.

Thankfully the door was fully functional again within an hour, returning us to fully operational and also providing us with a sense of relief that this problem didn't occur in the middle of the Christmas period!

All the Gift Hampers & Baskets will now be prepared with cushioning straw and decorative ribbon, ready for Christmas hamper orders. Remember, it's only 174 days to go!

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