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BasketsGalore Hits The Big Screen

We've written in previous weeks about how we are trying to further streamline the internal processed here at BasketsGalore by making the office and warehouse systems communicate even more efficiently.

Simon & the IT Team have been carefully building the system behind this process after speaking with both the Warehouse and Administration Teams regarding what features they need in the dispatch and production areas. They even allowed us to request additional features that would really help to make life easier if they could be created.

The inventory side of things has been operational for a couple of months now, but as you can imagine when we stock so many items it takes a LONG time to input them all. The teams are getting there slowly but surely and the stock ordering and delivery section is proving to be particularly helpful so far.

The warehouse have also joined the modern age and have PC's and tablets down in their own offices, so as they can communicate with the office without having to come in to us and hand us little scraps of paper listing items that are running low for example.

The next stage of the new system is the dispatch element. This will involve the warehouse being able to see the orders coming in in real time. Currently the office provide them with a list of orders to be dispatched, at regular intervals throughout the day. We now have the screens in place ready for this to "GO LIVE" in the next few weeks.

big screen


Colourful & functional! (We're surprised the warehouse didn't try to hook a digibox up to this during the World Cup!)

Wish us luck & we'll report back soon with how we are getting on.

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