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BasketsGalore Going 'Back To Our Roots'

BasketsGalore have a great mix of both gift baskets and hampers. What is the difference between a gift basket and hamper we hear you say?

Well for some companies maybe not a lot, and for some maybe just the physical container i.e a hamper being a lidded basket and a gift basket being an open one.

As BasketsGalore there is a BIG difference between the two.

When we started out 12 years ago, the idea was to focus very much on gift baskets - hence our name! You can see the first version of our brochure back in 2003  on our Pinterest site and it is full of fun, unique gift basket ideas with names such as "Sleepless in Belfast", "Independent Woman" and "High Maintenance Male".

old page of catalogue

The baskets featured a selection of fancy candles, chocolates, creams and boys toys and looking back we were maybe a little ahead of our time. Gift baskets were quite a new concept in the UK at the time and many people really only knew of "hampers". Hampers being traditional, homely food packed into a lidded hamper for delivery at Christmas time. Because of this BasketsGalore diversified into food hampers too, during the months of November and December. The Christmas hampers proved to be so popular that we have kept them going ever since. We also introduced a range of food hampers for throughout the year as people realised they could send them as thank you, get well, birthday and congratulations gifts too. A hamper is not just for Christmas!

We still kept our fingers in the gift basket pie however, by offering fruit gift baskets, baby gift baskets and pamper gift baskets.  Over the past few years food gift baskets started to increase in popularity with more picnic type, snacky style gifts being requested and designed.

Our food hampers tend to focus on the more traditional items such as jams, chutney, cakes and biscuits whereas the food gift baskets would have more items like nuts, popcorn, crisps and lollipops for example.


Also gift baskets don't just have to be about food, as per our original gift ideas back in 2002. Boys toys, puzzles, toiletries, candles, books and teddies all help us to create unusual and fun gift baskets for all occasions. We still scatter food items throughout them, but make them fun things such as popcorn, marshmallows, lollipops and chocolate animals!

So which would you prefer in the grand scheme of things - a traditional / gourmet hamper or a full of fun gift basket?

We just can't decide and so like to offer both!

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