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Quality Control High On Priority List For BasketsGalore

Here at BasketsGalore our motto is that we will not sell anything that we would not enjoy eating or using ourselves.

To this extent we regularly taste test various new products and if you are a regular blog reader you will know that this is one of the perks our staff look forward to on a weekly basis! Whether it's popcorn, crisps or nuts, or chocolate ( a clear favourite) or else honey, chutney or jam, all of these have to pass our lips and be appraised.

As well as sampling the products, presentation is  also important.  For a gift basket it's very important how each item is packaged. To this end, we appraise how each item looks as well as it tastes.  Obviously if a product tastes lovely but isn't packaged well enough it might not make the cut at first. Packaging has been rectified on certain new-to-market products we have previously given feedback for & then once it also looked the part we have been happy to add it to our range. This can be the actual look of the packaging or the quality of the packaging to ensure it won't leak or squash etc.

We like to give smaller, artisan suppliers a helping hand by supporting them to bring gourmet items to market.  This gives our customers a wider range of product choice and something a little bit different to what you might see in the supermarkets.

On the odd occasion we may find issues with the quality of a potential new product itself, but mostly it is just down to personal preference of not being a fan of certain flavours or types of food/drink.

This is a good thing though, as if we liked or chose everything we taste tested then we'd have FAR too many products!


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