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Father's Day Origin & Gifts For 2014

Did you know that Father’s Day was purposefully created to complement Mother’s Day and that United States were the first to recognise both holidays?

If you didn’t know, it’s okay. I didn’t know either. All these years, I had just went through the holiday with nary a thought on how it came to be and when. According to online sources it was inaugurated in the US in early 20th century. Wow, I did not know the holiday was that ‘young’ in comparison to all the other holidays we celebrate.

Just like Mother’s Day, the actual date of Father’s Day differs from country to country. The majority celebrate it on the third Sunday on June (that’s the 15th this year) but parts of Europe celebrate theirs earlier near the start of June – some even in May!

So that is the date part covered. What about the most important bit? The gifts?

Buying Mother’s Day gifts are a doddle compared to Father’s Day. For our lovely mums, we just find something flowery, something womanly, something scented or something sweet. See! Easy as pie! But what about er… our fathers?

Oh dear… Food perhaps? You cannot go wrong with that. So without further ado, Lynne, who loves going around looking for new stock for our baskets, had especially stocked some very ‘manly’ treats for daddies out there.

Daddy's Foody Favourites - £34.99
A redesigned old favourite
World's Greatest Dad/Daddy - £34.99 How great is your dad? World's Greatest, of course

We have salami, we have pork crackling, we have pipes shaped like liquorice and we even have magazines. Check out our site for the full Father's Day range. Surely one of these winning combinations is certain to tickle their tummy’s interest. If not, why not create your own? Then you can be assured that everything in the basket is exactly what your father would wish for.

Looking at all these baskets and their contents are sure giving me ideas on what to get my dad! Hmm… I do believe my dad never tried a face mask before…

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