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Birthday's Take The Cake At BasketsGalore

Birthday Gift Baskets are probably one of our most popular ranges here at BasketsGalore, as let's face it...everybody has them!

A few years ago we introduced an iced sponge birthday cake by a local bakery & it proved to be a real hit. Unfortunately the packaging changed and wasn't sturdy enough to go through the courier system without the icing on the odd one getting slightly smudged. We weren't happy about risking some recipients getting a smudged cake & so had to withdraw the item until we could find a suitable replacement.

Iced Ashers Bday Cake Cropped

This was a lot more difficult than anticipated & to this day we still don't have a like for like replacement. Instead we have been purchasing iced birthday cakes from a well known retailer to include, as their packaging is sturdy enough. This as you can imagine is a good bit more expensive than buying them in bulk at wholesale prices, but it hopefully won't be for much longer as we intend to design our own range of baked goods. You may have read Jade's previous blogs about the design course she has been attending. We will be paired with a local design agency who will help us come up with the brand identity for our own line of baked goods.

We will still use the services of local bakeries to produce the delicious goodies, however as most of their packaging is for retails stores it isn't up to the standard of luxury food hampers. We will use our own packaging to house their cakes, biscuits and traybakes instead so we are still supporting local bakeries, but simply repackaging their delicious goodies to suit our market. So everyone is happy!

Look out for our new packaging in the coming months. It's a lengthy process, but we really hope to have the design and manufacturing completed in time for Christmas.

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