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Wedding Season Has Begun, Give The Gift Of Love...Or A Wedding Basket!

This time last year, what was I doing?

Ah yes, working in the shadows with my sister and female buddies in order to arrange the perfect hen party for my cousin. Just between you and me, trying to sneak a large gift hamper with baby pink bows into a hotel without the bride knowing AND delaying her at the reception so that someone could set up the surprise in the room is a lot more difficult than it looks on TV. Ours involved a good amount of bluffing, a ‘lost’ handbag (‘It’s in the car, maybe try the boot?’) and a ‘quick nip’ over to the spa area to book our massages (‘Can I test out your massage oils to see if I’m allergic to them?’). The fun part though is that we are all set to do it again next month for another party!

The past few years seems to be riddled with weddings in my family. First, it was this cousin, next it was that cousin, then another cousin and now my sister is the works of planning one too.

Being wet and cold for the rest of the year, it came as no surprise that summer is the hottest wedding season everywhere and suddenly weddings are springing up everywhere.

Here in Baskets Galore, we’re noticing some wedding themed gift orders starting to come through especially with how fantastic our new wedding gift baskets look.

Wedding Feast Hamper
Yummies? Check. Elegant and sweet wedding album? Check.
Somebody to send it to? Hmm....

Usually we see baskets being sent to the wedding couple in question, often from friends and families from afar who cannot make it to their big day. This year, we’re seeing more that are the other way round too; the wedding couple sending them as thanks to some of their special guests and family.

Usual favourites for the wedding couple to send are flowers and treats to their parents but that sometimes gives the impression of the father being left out as the majority of the time, the flowers are for the mother. So, in a turn of events, people are ordering food hampers so that both mother and father get equal amounts of the gift.

Mr & Mrs Gift Basket Mr & Mrs Gift Basket 

Well, unless they’re like my parents where one side (my dad) would demolish 75% of the contents. The remaining 25% would be distributed out amongst the children by the other intended recipient (my mum).

Then there are those who send the basket to special guests who had come a long way to attend their beautiful ceremony. The bride and groom would order a basket of choice nibbles and have it delivered to the hotel the guest is staying at. In this case, we would ensure to mark on the package that it is intended for a guest in the premises so the hotel staff would know who it is for.

In fact, why did I not do that last year? Sending it to the hotel directly would certainly had saved us the trouble of sneaking the gift basket in ourselves. It could have saved us a good amount of embarrassment too, but then again those were the parts that made the whole event an incredibly fun memory on top of the beautiful ones made on the wedding day.

Is there a wedding happening among your friends, family or colleagues soon?

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