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Sourcing Christmas Ribbons & Bows At BasketsGalore...Already!

I'm sure no-one wants to think about Christmas just yet, although I've been told that my grand-daughter has already chosen something she's seen on a TV advert for her Christmas list  for Santa!

However, here at BasketsGalore we are already choosing the decorative ribbon for our Christmas gift baskets and hampers. This is an extremely important task as it "transforms" all the baskets into attractive "gifts" and really adds to the "wow" factor.

Three years ago we received a large supply of real velvet and you can watch me on video transforming it into attractive bows for our large wicker, closed lidded hampers. Last year we added fancy, glittering ribbon in a variety of patterns to our open gift baskets - some holly & berries, pine cones and some red tartan with glitter and they were very attractive indeed. However, because of the increasing scale of our Christmas orders we are finding it  more difficult to source pretty ribbon in large enough quantities. We would love to standardise our ribbon, but it is impossible to buy enough of the one pattern to cover all our baskets. We need to source around 200 miles worth of ribbon!

christmas ribbons

Knowing what a difficult task this would be we first contacted our usual supplier a few months ago for new samples. Being so close to the previous Christmas it seemed like the only samples available were still last years and we had already decided against those unfortunately.


christmas ribbon samples

We are still working on a solution to our ribbon problem, but think the answer lies in shipping it directly from the manufacturer instead as this allows us to order a large quantity in the style we like. We already ship our gift baskets and hamper in directly as we go through so many and so could be adding ribbon into the shipping containers as well this year!

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