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Reward Points Loyalty Scheme Introduced By BasketsGalore

At BasketsGalore we often get asked for discount codes by new customers and they are surprised when we don't have many of these available. People often ask us why, as many other online retailers such as clothes or shoe stores have lots advertised on voucher sites.

The simple answer is because of the nature of our business.

There aren't high margins on our products to allow us to use such a strategy. We don't manufacture the goods ourselves or happen to be offering a service only, so we can't decide to simply offer 20% off everything for example and still be left with a healthy margin like is possible in some industries.

The products we use are all high quality or artisan and so with quality comes a price tag. If our Purchasing Team have paid full price for certain goods then it doesn't exactly make good business sense to then discount goods out at a loss. Many companies only supply to us on the basis we won't be undercutting their individual or direct prices.

Our gifts are also a combination of various different products and so it isn't a simple case of saying that chocolate will be discounted this month or a particular brand will be, as the chocolate or brand will be mixed in with many other items.

The process of assembling a gift basket is also very labour intensive, and the process of producing the paperwork and tracking your order also all takes our staff time. We already subsidise the cost of delivery too and so can't simply offer "free delivery" without taking a hit. We know other companies that might do this, but then they are likely to have factored the cost of delivery into the cost of the product instead.

We understand however that customers like to get themselves a bargain, so as well as offering fantastic value for money gifts we have decided to introduce a loyalty scheme to reward existing and repeat customers.

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Basically when you shop at BasketsGalore you will now accumulate points, and once you reach 100 points you can use these to receive a discount off your order. You also receive points for completing product reviews and external reviews or for social interactions such as tweeting photos or linking to videos of your gifts.

We hope this scheme will go some way to making our customers feel appreciated & helping you to save a little on future purchases.

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Existing customers are also emailed details any time we do activate a discount code or have a special offer or sale on. We also run a monthly promotion for a "free gift" such as a complimentary silk rose at Valentine's Day or an extra chocolate bar for the recipient of your gift as another little added extra.

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