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May Day! May Day!

So what is May Day?

It is a traditional spring holiday celebrated by us in the Northern Hemisphere. In Europe and America, it’s the first day in May and coincides with International Workers’ Day. In Great Britain, it’s the first Monday of May.

Okay, easy enough to remember. Now what do you do on May Day?

This varies from country to country but like most festivals and holidays, there is much dancing to be done, songs to be sung and cake to be eaten.

In France, flowers called ‘Lily of the Valley’ are given around on this day. Apparently they could be sold tax-free on that day. In the UK, a young girl is crowned the May Queen and she would start off the dancing of the day with a speech.

Dancing is done around a maypole and could involve ribbons which are weaved and wrapped around the pole as the dancers move. Being  a terrible dancer (I have two left feet/hands on anything that needs any sense of musical rhythm), I find it simply amazing that anybody could dance whilst armed with the task of getting ribbons wrapped beautifully around a pole.

The actual origins of a maypole is curiously still unknown. Some say they symbolized a sacred tree and some speculate that it represented the world axis – fancy!

Since I am obviously not musically capable of dancing around any maypoles without a fear of getting myself hogtied to it with a mass of ribbons, what am I doing this bank holiday weekend?

In fact, what are the staff here planning to do on their day off on Monday 5th?

Kate: Little ol’ me is going to cheer my siblings, dad and uncle on up in Belfast as they’re taking part in the Belfast Marathon as a relay team. Rumour has it that my dad and my uncle are wagering a box of beer over whether they could beat last year’s total running time or not.

Roma, Kasia, Sylwia: The girls do not have any plans beyond some good old fashioned relaxation at home. I certainly like the sound of that and could do with a feet up alongside a cuppa myself. Here’s hoping the weather stays good for you girls just in case any last minute plans pop up though.

Andrea: Depending on the weather, Andrea is thinking of taking her little Rowan to the farm. He already showed a great amount of interest in their cat, Eve, so it would be interesting to see how he would be with more animals.

Jonny (Office): Jonny is going to Portrush for the weekend – lucky duck!  Try not to get too sunburnt.

Johnny (Warehouse): Johnny is ‘doing something productive for the community’. Ooooh, secretive.

Selina: The mother of the team is going to a Bread Festival on Monday. Here’s hoping she might spy a promising new brand up there and hopefully (fingers crossed) bring us back a few loaves as samples.

Lynne: Baby basket designer turned DIY handywoman for Lynne this weekend. She would be busy erecting a gate in her garden to contain and keep safe her little girl, Katherine, as she ventures out to play now that summer is fast approaching.

Well that is what a few of us are planning on doing this long weekend, what about you guys?

Remember our offices will be closed for the May Day Bank Holiday (5th May 2014), but you can still order online at any time - day or night. We'll be back dispatching your gift basket orders on Tuesday 6th May, but until then have a great break everyone!

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