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Hello To You Too, Lindt Chocolate

The day was sunny, the day was great and it got even better because the Lindt chocolate man dropped by with samples. Say 'Hello' to the new Lindt Hello Chocolate Bars range.

The moment he came in, my attention shifted from work to eyeing up the samples which were giving me ‘come hither’ looks from across the room in the only way luxuriously packaged chocolate could do. When he left I was given the OK to descend upon the chocolate samples and give them the general ‘ooh’-ing and ‘aah’-ing like a kid in a candy store. From metallic shiny lettering to solid black packaging, the bars look every inch the indulgent treat and it takes some effort to actually consider sharing it with anybody else.


Thankfully, some effort was indeed exerted and after drawing up a tally table, I distributed these afternoon treats for some taste testing and feedback. All three flavours we tried were wonderful, but everyone has a favourite (except Selina who loved them all and thought it unfair to pick because they each suit a different occasion for her). The results were as follows:

Caramel Brownie:

Favourite of Lynne , Jonny (Office) and Selina

Comments: Gooey caramel centered, this one packs a rich and strong sweet flavour. Selina thinks that it is indeed an indulgent chocolate bar. Like something you should have in the evening of a weekend when an extra treat is in order.

Cookies & Cream:

Favourite of Victoria, Johnny (Warehouse), Sylwia and Selina

Comments: Fluffy soft filling with bits of crunch. This one is a little lighter in flavour compared to the other two, but nobody in the office could deny its mouth melting filling. Selina would happily have this anytime of the day with a cup of tea.

Strawberry Cheesecake:

Favourite of Roma, Kate, Simon, Kasia and Selina

Comments: Soft creamy centre with a very distinctive strawberry flavour. It carries just the right amount of strawberry tartness to balance the sweetness of the chocolate hence making it a little exciting. Selina conjures up an image of enjoying this on a summer night with something sparkling to drink.

Overall, we loved all three flavours. It really was difficult to decide which was better. I think in the end, it all came down to our own personal taste of chocolate flavours in general. Some favoured richer flavours whilst some preferred the milder ones, but Selina’s thoughts and comments of each were unanimously agreed with and we voted for the bars to be included when we design our new range of  Chocolate Gift Baskets.

Have anybody tried these bars yet? Which one was your favourite? Can you tell Selina particularly liked these bars? Lol

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