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Christening/Naming Day Gift Baskets To Be Re-Introduced To Baby BasketsGalore

Having been designing baby gift baskets for over 10 years now, we have learnt which combinations are popular and which do not work as well.

When the Baby Divsion of BasketsGalore first launched we had a section dedicated to Christening Gift Baskets, but found that they didn't sell in big quantities and so they were gradually phased out once our stocks became depleted.

We think perhaps we were a bit ahead of the times as when we extrapolated the search phrases it seemed people were searching for 'Christening Gifts' and not 'Christening Gift Baskets'. It was more a small, token item they were looking for as opposed to an overall gift basket (as perhaps they had already spent money on a main gift when the baby was born). Or perhaps the idea of a Christening or Naming Ceremony basket just wasn't thought of back then.

Recently however, we have been receiving more and more requests for Christening Day/Naming Ceremony Gift Baskets & following my own son's Christening we were inspired to design a range again.

We have sourced lovely new baby Christening photo albums, record books and certificate holders and so photography of the new range will soon be underway. In the meantime you can see these items on our "Create Your Own Baby Basket" website, so if you need one in a hurry you can order there now.

I had a dig through the photography archives and found some of our designs from 2008-09. Check back to see the 2014 versions soon!


Babys Christening Basket  Christening Basket 09 with champagne  Christening Basket 09


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