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Birthday Gift Baskets For Children

Birthday Baskets For Children

I think this is a great blog for me to write as having a little boy myself I always find it difficult selecting birthday items for him that are not just toy’s.

Every year (and especially as my little boys birthday is  6 days before Christmas) this stresses me out, as it is so difficult to keep the house from looking like an over filled toy shop.

Last year I give Ethan one main present for his birthday and the basket;

Toys for Boys (5-7 Years)


"Featuring a fun but educational game, 100 piece jigsaw, wooden construction kit and popular reading book this fun packed gift basket is guaranteed to be a hit with boys aged 5-7 years."

At a great price of £35.00 I personally thought this was a bargain. If I am honest Ethan still uses the basket for when he is playing ships too, so even the wicker basket came in handy!

Apart from obviously working for a Gift Basket company, I realised a childrens gift basket would be a good idea for a present because it look’s like a great gift when it is packaged and it also has a lot of educational products too. I find with working full time and not always having the time to spend with Ethan it’s important he is learning with or without me, and this basket gave him the chance to learn by having fun with the jigsaw and the puzzles.

So to summarise, a gift baskets for kids from BasketsGalore is not only fun, but also practical and educational. What more could you want in a gift for your children?


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