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BasketsGalore Baby Baskets Spotlight - May 2014

“It’s a boy!”

“It’s a girl!”

That was all you heard over the past few months as people valiantly tried to guess, poke and prod my (rather well-known online beauty guru) cousin to reveal the gender of her baby. Not to be outdone by her video subscribers and fans, we, the family and relatives, tossed in our own very vocal wild guesses.

What are the chances of people getting it right anyway? Well, logically it’s 50/50, right? I think it’s time to learn something new; let’s have a little look-see online for some stats.

Apparently, you have 51% chance of having a boy and 49% chance of having a girl. Aha, so that is why our baby boy gifts sell more than our baby girl ones! Barely a season goes by without the team opening the cards cupboard and our eyes widen as we realise that we are dangerously low on baby boy cards – again; though there was that one time when we somehow completely ran out of baby girl cards first.

This month, we are well stocked for baby boy AND girl. Not only those two types, we have unisex baby cards for when the baby’s gender haven’t been confirmed yet (or, if news hasn’t travelled through the grapevine fast enough by the time of your order) and also adorable ones for twins too. The latter is currently proving very popular which left us scratching our heads, wondering if May is a lucky month for twins or something.

According to a report published in 2013, the twins birth rate is 33.1 per 1,000 births. That’s 3%! And here in the office, it seems like boy/girl twins are the most common twins baskets sold as we had 3 going just within the last two weeks.

Click to link to the basket's page Twice as Nice Gift Basket - £49.99
Available in twin boys, twin girls and combination.

I wonder what statistics there are online regarding the chances of the twins’ genders. I had tried looking it up but ironically, whilst I am a whiz at numbers when they’re in a spreadsheet, I could only stare at the screen blankly when you put scientific and fancy words beside the figures.

Regardless of the genders of the babies, I’m am sure they are truly a bundle of joy…. Or at least until they get sick and your other half mysteriously flees the room…

(Pssst, by the way, my cousin is having a boy)

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