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BasketsGalore - Adapting Baskets To Your Needs

We are always happy to assist with changes or additions to gift baskets, however sometimes we get asked to include items that we wouldn't particularly recommend.

If you can't see a specific combination of items on offer that you think is fairly obvious, then there is usually a good reason for it. This particularly applies to the types of fruit we have on offer in our fresh fruit baskets.

You may notice that some popular fruits are missing from our selection such as bananas, pears and strawberries for example.

While these fruits are extremely tasty (my mouth is watering now thinking about a succulent strawberry) & we'd love to offer these, unfortunately they do not make a good addition to a fruit basket. This is because these fruits are soft and so bruise easily. All our fruit baskets come from a central depot, rather than being outsourced to a local shop, and so they have to travel through the delivery network before reaching the end recipient.

We upgrade all fresh fruit baskets to the overnight delivery service, but from experience still found that certain soft fruits just don't seem to arrive in tip top condition.

Instead we try to add more unusual little fruits such as passion fruit, star fruit and blueberries which do travel well and help to make traditional fruits like apples and oranges a little bit more interesting. Melons, pineapples and coconuts are also added to add some substance to the fruit basket.

We hope you agree that they still look (and taste) fantastic without these soft fruits.




Once lady had placed an order on our website and asked for bananas to be added to her fruit basket. We emailed her back to explain the whole banana situation and instead included some complimentary chocolate covered banana pieces to make up for it! How about that for Customer Service?

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