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An "Exotic" Christmas Gift Basket From BasketsGalore?

Part of my job involves surfing the internet to keep up to date with what is going on in the industry & today I happened to stumble across an article in the Daily Mail reviewing the best Christmas Hampers/Gift Baskets in December 2013. The author had reviewed a selection of hampers & gifts from various companies, but where was BasketsGalore's review?

Unfortunately we had not been asked or selected to take part in this particular article. We have been approached by other newspapers in the past & basically they ask you to send them a free hamper & they will feature and review it. Although we were not in this particular article I found myself wondering which hamper we would have suggested, as this article seemed to focus on the "exotic", more unusual gift basket.

I looked back at our Christmas Catalogue and the wide selection we offer, seeing as gift baskets and hampers are what we specialise in. We have a few different varieties such as traditional, family or gourmet. They also range in price from £29.99 to £500, so picking only one to represent your whole company is quite a daunting task!

At first I thought perhaps one of our family ones, but the article includes one of these from a department store (although not as nice as ours of course!) I noticed the ones selected for the article were also housed in different containers - from boxes & trays to tins & briefcases. I remember when we dared to trial a box as a container, only to be met with requests for only hampers to be used as that is what recipients want and expect. They seemed to think an alternative container meant cheaper, but of course this isn't the case if opting for a specialist box or case.

I think I would have opted to showcase one of our "Chilled" Christmas hampers, as these are completely unique to us and include delicious cheese, meats and fish. Our "Christmas Chilly Banquet" hamper at £129.99 for example was one of our best sellers.

XmasChillyBanquet.1000 Christmas Chilly Banquet

The chilled contents included traditional crumbed ham, organic smoked salmon, air-dried beef or lamb and a variety of different cheeses.

You also receive a plethora of tasty biscuits,crackers, chocolates, preserves, nuts, tea, coffee, fudge, chutney and to top it all off Christmas favourites such as mince pies and Christmas pudding. I'm not sure how "exotic" this is, but what more could you ask for in a Christmas Hamper eh? An exotic Christmas makes me think of far flung destinations in the sun, sipping on a cocktail and lounging by the pool. If this was the case then indeed an exotic gift basket of light snacks would really hit the spot. However, Christmas in the UK and Ireland makes me think of dark night, snow and log fires and therefore a hearty hamper would certainly be more suitable.

This hamper is only one example from our extensive range, and you can also create your own if you would like to make it more unique & exotic by mixing up the contents!

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