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Taste Testing Ditty’s Oatcakes at Baskets Galore

Robert Ditty, of Ditty's Bakery,  is a second generation artisan baker who is committed to using local ingredients in his products where possible.

He uses local artisan producers such as traditional smoke houses, organic dairies and local farmers to offer a broad range of speciality biscuits, pastries, breads and savory foods. These combine natural ingredients with traditional baking techniques and time-honoured recipes.  In particular, Ditty’s famous oatcake range are a credit to Robert’s close relationship with producers throughout Ireland and have featured at numerous prestigious events such as the Ryder Cup and Wimbledon as well as being awarded several 'Taste Awards'.

Ditty’s is a well known brand & the oatcakes in particular are handmade with soft oats from County Armagh and include organic buttermilk, a rich by-product of butter making which lends a distinctive flavour to Northern Irish regional baking.

The traditional oatcakes are golden in colour and have a just-baked crispness and open texture. They also come in a smoked variety.

dittys oatcakes


At Baskets Galore we taste tested the Ditty’s Traditional Oatcakes recently as although we have been using them for many years, many of us have never tasted them.

I offered some oatcakes to the guys in the IT department. They tried them plain and so thought they were a little bit dry. Andrea recommended eating oatcakes along with other items, as eating them on their own is a bit like eating a plain cracker. She explained we incorporate oatcakes into our cheese and chutney gift baskets so as the items can be enjoyed together.

I thought the product was nice as it was, but that they would be even better with a bit of butter on them. They reminded me of biscuits that I used to eat when I was younger as they had that traditional taste. My grandmother used to give me them for my lunch & I thought they were great.

Kate loves these oatcakes & she loves to see them being added to the "staff treats" box in the kitchen. Kate has to be my favorite person when we have these taste testing days, as she is actually able to tell me about the products before I even try them! She is a great person to have when testing products as she always has an opinion to give you.

Roma was different to the boys and said liked the Ditty’s oatcakes better on their own. The Times newspaper once reviewed these oatcakes as part of our Traditional Feast Christmas Hamper and described them as "the only oatcakes we've tried that don't taste like cardboard".

So when you are next ordering a basket or hamper, why not select one containing these oatcakes and email us and let us know your opinion.

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