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Striving For An Outstanding Gift Service - Read Our Reviews

Striving Towards Outstanding Service

Here at Baskets Galore we like to pride ourselves on our excellent Customer Service as well as providing great gift baskets. You are not just buying a gift when you purchase from BasketsGalore, you are paying for an overall gift service.

This service can include assistance when placing an order, address checking prior to dispatch to avoid delivery delays/problems, status updates regarding your order to our order tracking, delivery and rescheduling service. We find all these little things can really help to reassure customers who are putting their faith in an online business & may even be on the other side of the world when placing an order for their loved ones. Judging by the number of new and also repeat customers we have, we think this must be working!

When BasketsGalore first opened there were only a couple of people working in the business and so they tended to take on all rolls, from finance to packing. However, as the company grew so did the number of staff to help process all the lovely orders!  Past customers had really appreciated the personal approach offered when the company was just starting out & so the Directors felt  it was important to continue this trend. They want their staff to really care about each order (like they do) to ensure all our customers encounter a great shopping experience and keeping coming back again and again!

To provide the best possible service to our customers we have regular training days when staff get  the chance to deal with different possible situations. We use examples of both positive and negative situations they may encounter to learn how to deal with situations that may arise and progress the skills needed for these roles.

A particularly helpful training method is using role play such as "pretend" phone calls for example. A manager takes the phone call and shows the rest of the team how to deal with this situation. This might be someone pretending to place an order or someone wishing to track an order. Occasionally there may also be a query about a delayed delivery or exchanged item and so staff are also trained in how to resolve potential complaints. It then progresses into a workshop during which the team talk about what possible outcomes could have come out of the situation and how we can do things better. We also talk about experiences we have had recently and if we have been able to successfully answer all queries. This helps to identify any areas we may need more training in or if there are systems we can put in place to help deal with queries or orders more efficiently. We are constantly striving to improve as these situations come up & help us cover all possibilities. All of this helps to make sure our customers receive the most professional experience possible when dealing with our Customer Service Representatives.

We love to see customers on Review Centre leaving us fantastic comments about the service they received as then we know all our hard work is paying off and the company is being seen in a good light.


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As previously mentioned the tracking system is a main part of our gift service, to allow customers to track their gift once it has been dispatched. Our in-house team also track the deliveries for you on a daily basis, so as they can step in to assist with any problems or notify you when delivery has taken place.

We use the best 3rd party courier services such as DHL to deliver on our behalf.  They are also constantly improving their service, such as the text messaging service that updates customers on the progress of their parcel and location of the item. It also allows customers the chance to reschedule the delivery for another more suitable date or to arrange to collect the item for a central collection point in town, if that is easier than waiting in for it to be delivered.

If you have any queries on our tracking service or any suggestions for improving our service then please do get in touch, we are always happy to help!

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