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Massage Their Worries Away (With A Get Well Gift Basket)

We all hoped that the winter gloom was behind us now the clocks have gone forward and the evenings are brighter, but unfortunately a few of us at BG are still experiencing coughs and colds, as I'm sure lots of you are.

In our office Roma managed to struggle through the Mother's Day madness, but then needed a day off to recover from her illness. Jonny is on his second cold in a month and poor Laura is also feeling under the weather. Andrea has informed us that baby Rowan has caught a cold and REALLY doesn't like having his nose wiped. With the amount of anti-bacterial gels and tissues that have been used in this office over the last couple of months we wish we had shares in these products!  We even decontaminated all the desks and PC's by giving them all a good scrub with antibacterial wipes. Luckily the warehouse have remained healthy for freshly packing all the gift baskets and hampers. They wear protective gloves too for extra cleanliness though.

We think one of the nicest things to do when you aren't feeling 100% is to have a hot bath with lots of bubbles and oils. It helps to relax you and soothes away any aches and pains. You are then all clean & refreshed and ready to moisture away any dry or dull skin.

Here at  Baskets Galore we sell lots of  fruit baskets as get well gifts,  but we also find that many customers prefer to send comfort baskets full of pampering products.  These are baskets with creams, soaks, candles and all sorts of other lotions and potions. They smell gorgeous, look stylish and many of the items contain no harsh chemicals as they are made from natural products that moisturise the skin.

We like to think  that customers purchase from ourselves because we create special, personal baskets for every occasion.  We want the recipients to really enjoy the products they receive in their “Get Well Baskets" and so only include items we'd love to receive ourselves.

One of the items we're really excited to now stock is a range of massage oils by Aromabar. They are made in the UK using natural products.

Aromabar are based in Glasgow and stock a wonderful range of aromatherapy products designed to soothe, relax and treat your body, mind & spirit. They source high quality aromatherapy goodies from quality UK suppliers.

A few of the oils we have chosen to include in our gift basket range are detailed below:

Muscle Ache - A soothing blend of Lavender, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oils 125ml
Serenity- A relaxing blend of Lavender, Bergamot & Mandarin Essentials Oils 125ml
Lovers - An erotic blend of Orange, Ylang Ylang & Black Pepper Essential Oils 125ml
Romance - An Aromatic blend of Orange, Geranium & Ylang Ylang Essential Oils 125ml
Colds & Flu - A soothing blend of Eucalyptus & Peppermint Oils 125ml


We hope you find one to suit you from this list. If not, then please just let us know which kind you'd like to see added to our range and you never may happen!

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