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Funny Mummy Card's For Our Baby Gift Baskets

We recently added a new supplier to our range called The Little Dog. They supply greetings cards and gifts under 3 different, but equally cute brands.

We couldn't resist their witty baby gift cards as they really did make us laugh. I'll share a few of them with you below:

mummy cards


"New Born

Did you know….

In the first 4 weeks, new parents are deprived of over 1 million hours of sleep.

Give or take a minute !"


"New Parents

Did you know….

It takes 8 months of intensive training for a North Pole expedition which is nearly as long as it takes to leave the house on an outing with your new born.



"New Mummy

Did You Know…

 A new mummy will do 92,000 loads of washing, change a million nappies and still find time to play, cuddle and read bedtime stories.

Stay sane, and you are truly amazing!"

Beside each of these quotes in small writing the designer has added *completely made up fact based loosely on real life*

These made us chuckle because they are just so true, and I don’t think anyone realises how much work is involved in raising a baby until they have one.

We thought these cards would make an excellent addition to our baby gift basket range, and they are available to buy on our dedicated baby gifts website when you are creating a customised baby gift basket.

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