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Favourite Fruits Picked By Those Who Pack Them!

The Easter break is now behind us and the children will all be arriving back to school shortly, and personally I think Easter was really good this year! Lots of Easter egg hunts for my little man, and the weather has also been quite warm so I enjoyed getting my summer clothes out. What about you guys? How did you spend your Easter? My colleague Andrea took her little boy Rowan on his first trip to London. They went to visit some family members and I can’t wait to hear if he enjoyed the flight and what they got up to over the break.

As the weather was so good we noticed an increase in fruit baskets being dispatched. Seeing all the lovely fresh fruit being delivered makes my mouth water & the packing team must find it hard to resist nibbling some! I thought I would take the chance to ask them which fruits are their favourites and if they could have a basket full of any which would it be!

Kasia - told me she likes "easy to eat" fruits like banana's and grapes. If she could have a basket full of one fruit it would be grapes, as she could have a mixture of green, red and black ones and all she has to do is pop them in!

Sywlia - says she loves more unusual fruits such as passion and star fruit, but if she was to get a basket full of only one then it would be of pineapple as she could eat it or cook with it and so wouldn't get bored of it.

Pawel - likes something to munch on so loves apples and oranges. If he had to choose just one it would be apples, as we offer 4 different varieties - pink lady,  braeburn, royal gala and granny smith.

Jonny - says his favourite fruit ever is watermelon! Watermelon doesn't really go well in gift baskets however as one watermelon would nearly take up a whole basket! So he's settled on the honeydew and galia melons that BasketsGalore supply in fruit baskets!

These are the favourite fruits of some of the warehouse team. They pack hundreds of fruit baskets each month for our lovely customers so know their stuff! Do you agree with their choices or which fruit would you opt for?

Remember to visit our 'Create Your Own' website to select from a range of fruit collection packs. You have been creating some beautiful gift ideas lately, complimenting our gourmet food products with several fruit packs to create gifts which are simply stunning. We'll be bringing you examples, like the one below, each month.



Enormous effort goes into co-ordinating our huge range of gift baskets so that everything fits together perfectly, doesn't get squashed or damaged in transit and maximizes our customers value for money.

As mentioned, the warmer weather sees a large increase in fruit sales so take advantage of our easy to select fruit packs and create a gift basket which is sure to delight. We have an amazing range of pre-designed fruit baskets too so why not check them out.

All this talking about fruit has left me craving some so I'm away to raid the fruit bowl in our work kitchen!

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