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Behind The Scenes During Busy Occasions At BasketsGalore

The end of March was extremely busy for us here at BasketsGalore as along with our everyday orders, we were also dispatching hundreds of Mother's Day gift baskets.

The Admin Team had been rushed off their feet with the amount of orders that have been received needing to be address checked, processed and gift carded. We had to make our part time staff full time for the week and reallocate resources from other departments to help process and dispatch orders. It was like a mini Christmas!

I usually have the job of blogging, keeping the social media sites up to date and designing but Neil gave me the chance to work out in the warehouse yesterday to see for myself  a day in the life of our decoration team fairies. Well lets just say I slept like a baby that night, it was like a work out at the gym! I even joked and said I would stop paying my gym membership if Neil would let me work in the warehouse one day a week (wee joke!). It was very hard work with the amount of volume that was coming through & I really couldn't see an end to it all. It makes me appreciate my usual job sitting in a comfy seat in the office!

photo-32 photo-33 photo-34

All the Baskets Galore Team Members were working together to get your lovely gift baskets dispatched on time. Even our glamorous granny was put to work as Selina had the job of wrapping all the beautiful flowering plants that had been picked up from our local flower wholesaler. Selina had the task of wrapping these plants in beautiful boxes and paper. They were all hand-wrapped in cellophane and decorated to the highest standard to give them that all-important WOW factor! A great deal of skill, time and effort goes into the presentation of our gifts to ensure instant customer satisfaction when the recipient opens them.

I was working with Victoria & we had the role of decorating the gift basket once it had been packed. This was quite scary because I know I am a great designer, but I hadn't wrapped & decorated so many baskets in a short time before. I did panic at first, but after a training session with the experts I was ready to become a decoration fairy. My artistic eye helped as I know how to make things look pretty!

My role began with the wrapping process. To achieve this we cut over 200 layers of cellophane. They needed to be cut and shaped to the correct outline of the baskets, then they are all secured to the baskets using a special heat gun. I then passed the wrapped baskets over to Victoria to add the bows and ribbons and making them pretty. We took turns at this role as it was important that I was able to get the full experience in the area so that I could complete that job role and be able to tell all our lovely customers how I got on.


You will probably laugh at the part that I found the hardest - the bows. All our bows are handmade with luxury materials and each has to be made up individually, shaped and fastened with ribbon to make beautiful bows. The bow is really the finishing touch to each basket so it is vital that it looks good.

Once the baskets are decorated they then move through to our dispatch department to be boxed. The delivery paperwork is then attached and the parcels are ready to be collected by the courier service. They are shipped on a next day service across the UK, Ireland and Europe to the lucky recipients.


Remember each basket is elegantly decorated in luxury organza ribbons to add to the pleasing aesthetics. We always do our best to make sure the baskets live up to & even exceed your expectations. If you have any questions regarding ordering any of our gift baskets we would love to hear from you.

My warehouse experience was enjoyable & I was pleased to be able to help and learn a new role, but I think I will stick to what I do best and keep designing in the lovely warmth of the office!

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