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BasketsGalore Get Well Gift Basket's By You

Get Well Gift Basket Of The Week - W/C 19.04.14

Get Well Gift Baskets can come in all shapes, sizes and contents with the most popular featuring healthy fruit as a main component.

This month I saw a really lovely one a son had created for his mother on our "Create Your Own" site. Although we have many pre-designed fruit gift baskets, this particular customer also wanted to send his mum a cuddle in the form of a cuddly toy and so decided to make his own personal get well gift for her.

Paul began by selecting our deep linen wicker basket as a base for his basket of goodies and then added a number of popular fruit packs - the Tropical Fruit Collection (pineapple & mango), the Caribbean Tastes Fruit Collection (melon, coconut & passion fruit), the Citrus Fruit Collection (clementines & nectarines) and the Orchard Pack Fruit Collection (apple selection).

He then added some Medjool Dates before completing his selection with Taubin the Teddy Bear!

We were also running a promotion at the time for a complimentary box of Skellig's Chocolate Truffles to be added to all baskets purchased during a certain time frame. This is the box with the purple ribbon you can see in the photograph below.

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Paul's gift would then have been shrink-wrapped to keep the fruit secure & decorated in ribbon before being shipped off to his mum. His personalised gift card would also have accompanied the basket so she would know exactly who had treated her to this wonderful "pick-me-up" gift.

If you would like to create your own gift basket then please just visit our dedicated site here.

Thank You :)

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