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All Work & No Play Can Leave You Feeling Run Down

Juggling University assignments and work commitments along with having a cold has left poor Laura feeling a little run down lately. Thanks to being in final year she has a 'to-do' list that never seems to end. We've all been in a situation like this before and there is light at the end of the tunnel eventually!  Like Laura, lots of you will sympathise with not having much "me time". Especially when you have a school, work or University deadline quickly approaching or a house and children to look after. There often isn't much time left for you to put your feet up.

Laura said;

"A treat like the "Cozy Cuddles" gift basket from Baskets Galore would certainly cheer me up! This basket has everything I need to get me back to feeling like myself again and brighten my spirits. There is yummy chocolate to munch on while I'm studying, a magazine for when I need to take a break and my favourite item -a cozy hottie bunny to hug when I've finally finished all those assignments and it's time for bed. Now if only I can coax someone into buying me it for me lol....."

20140402_114016 Laura hard at work
cozycuddles1000. Cozy Cuddles Basket


I think each of us has been in that situation when we are feeling a little sorry for ourselves and could do with a 'pick me up' treat. Maybe you've noticed a loved one who is struggling & you'd like to cheer them up?  I think there is nothing nicer than to come home and see a little treat (even a chocolate bar) that has been left for you when you aren't feeling your usual self.

At Baskets Galore we offer a wide range of baskets from Get Well Baskets filled with lots of fruit, to alternative 'feel good' baskets to cheer you up and even pamper baskets for spoiling someone. This is the range from which Laura selected her basket, as it is filled with all the relevant pamper treats.

Remember we all need to keep our energy levels up if we want to succeed in our day to day chores, whether that is at work, while studying or at home. It's important we look after ourselves and each other and we hope Laura gets the treat she deserves :)

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