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Sourcing The Fruit For Our Gift Baskets

The majority of our products are always in stock & are purchased on larger scales from a trade supplier/wholesaler. However there are some products that we simply source locally for a number of  different reasons. Either they are only occasionally purchased (certain magazine titles), don't have a long shelf life (breads) or they are cheaper to get locally (crisps)

There  is one exception to this rule though, as we do buy it in bulk yet we source it locally.  Any guesses? Yes...fresh fruit! We could get this from a fruit wholesaler, but we have found you don't necessarily get the best pick of the bunch when someone else is bringing it to you. Instead our buyers go to the local market and grocers and hand select the finest fruit available on a daily basis. This means that when you order a fruit basket, you can be assured the fruit is extremely fresh as it has only been selected that morning.


The fruit is then brought back to our store before being washed and sorted. The various types of fruit are then sorted into their "Collections" for the 'Create Your Own' packs, like the popular Orchard & Citrus Collections. The majority of the fruit is sorted by type for the pre-designed fruit baskets. As previously mentioned we also get a few cheeky "extra" fruits to add as a bonus based on the season. Some passion or star fruit might be added for example, although they aren't advertised online as they are an extra treat for the lucky recipient.

There are also other sun-dried fruits, nuts and accompaniments that complement our fruit baskets and these products are bought in from Kestrel Foods - the Forest Feast range. Their portfolio is made up of over 150 mouth-watering and unique flavour combinations of dried fruits, nuts and seeds & their products are available in over 26 countries worldwide.

Some of our favourites are the chocolate covered mangoes (yes they count as fruit!) and the unbelievable blueberries and sumptuous strawberries. You can see more 'fruity' contents here.

forest feast


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