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Pancake Tuesday At BasketsGalore

Tuesday 4th March - Shrove Tuesday

A lot of people may ask, "What is Pancake Tuesday?"

Pancake Tuesday is also known as Shrove Tuesday. This is the last day before Christians start their Lent period. Lent is a time when you give up things and have a time of abstinence. Shrove Tuesday is the last day to indulge yourself with lots of unhealthy foods. It is a tradition to eat a pancake on this day as this item contains butter, eggs and fat which is not allowed once the Lent period has begun.

Pancake Tuesday isn't always on the same date as Easter varies from year to year, so Pancake Tuesday does too.  However, it is always 47 days before Easter Sunday.

Our pancakes in the UK are traditionally large & thin, but of course you may prefer little ones or fat & fluffy ones! Being a parent, I see this as a day to get into the kitchen with my little boy and do some baking. It's so simple to make pancakes all you need is;

Plain flour, fresh eggs, butter and milk so for someone like myself who is not the best cook even this is a simple task!

My little boy really enjoys this day and over the years has started to remember that there is a day of the year on which he gets to make a mess and get creating pancakes! I think most children would enjoy this part and though Ethan does eat his pancake once he has made it he likes to take his plain! Other people may add syrup to give it a bit more flavor, lemon and sugar or jam.

Throughout the country lots of towns & cities hold activities on this day to make it fun. London has been known to have pancake races in the street. The contestants run down the street dressed up & flipping their pancakes while they run to that finishing line.

If you haven’t got involved in Pancake Tuesday before I recommend you do. It’s one for the memory bank, spending time baking with the children or grandchildren. Not to mention the fact that you get to eat lots of delicious pancakes without feeling (too) guilty!

Also, why not let us know how you get on and what you did to make this day special in your home?

At BasketsGalore we don't have a hob in the kitchen & so weren't able to make pancakes. However, Selina had been a busy bee at home & brought her homemade pancakes in for us all to enjoy. Thank you Selina!

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