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New Fruit Products We Are Sourcing At BasketsGalore

New Fruit Products We Are Sourcing

At BasketsGalore we strive to exceed our customers expectations and by regularly featuring new gift baskets, in addition to old favourites, we feel we are achieving this.

One of our best selling sections is our fruit gift baskets. Fruit gift baskets are ideal for a number of occasions such as get well, thank you, thinking of you and with sympathy.

As always we strive to make these the best they can be and 2 fruits that we would love to be able to add to our baskets would be strawberries and bananas. Unfortunately from past experience we have found that these particular fruits do not travel well, so as a company we feel that these are something we cannot currently offer. We wouldn't like the recipient to see bruised fruit in their gift basket upon it's arrival & so do not include particularly soft fruits in our current range of fruit baskets.


As always we still like to add something new, so we will be sourcing some new seasonal fruits to be added into our baskets, such as nectarines. For anyone unsure about this type of fruit it is a smooth-skinned peach, they look more like plums than peaches and this is because of the skin texture. Nectarines are a source of vitamins such as A & B and so would be great for our get well baskets.

Some more spring/summer fruits that we may be adding to our baskets are;

  • Apricots
  • Jack Fruit

There are certain fruits we can offer all year round such as apples, oranges, grapes, melon, pineapples and kiwi. These are advertised in the contents of the fruit gift baskets, but the actual contents are in fact even better than advertised! Were possible we like to add a little extra exotic fruit to really set the basket off, such as passion fruit or mangoes.

We always like to create fruit gifts with a difference. As I mentioned fruit gift baskets are popular presents, as they can be sent on a variety of occasions & to almost everybody. We also have a variety of fruit baskets with a few added extras to make them that little bit more special than a standalone fruit basket. These can include cheese & crackers, chocolates or even magazines or puzzles in the alternative get well range.

Scattered throughout our website are other gift baskets which contain smaller amounts of fresh fruit, and ones simply dressed in fruit.

These gift baskets are popular as fruit is not the main focus of the basket, but makes a nice addition & complements the main food items. For example, grapes with a Cheese & Wine gift basket.

We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the current fruit offering. Would you like these fruit items added to your basket?

Or are there any fruits that we haven’t mentioned that you would like to see more off?

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