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Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Baskets for Our Mums

Hi Folks,

It's not long until Mother's Day now, Sunday 30th March 2014, and a few of us have been thinking about gift for our mums.

We got talking about past gift attempts and realised a few of us have quite fussy mums and a few of us have mums who are really easy to buy for! A few of us decided to pick a gift basket from BasketsGalore's Mother's Day range that we would send to our own mums, to give you some ideas of the different ones we offer.


It is my family’s collective opinion that our mother is the most difficult person to buy gifts for. When we were children, we made things in school and brought them home expecting praise, cuddles and gasps of admiration for whatever we made (and had somehow survived the trip home in the schoolbag). Instead, what we got would be the following:

Her response to poetry detailing how much she means to us and why she is special: “What? You want me to teach you how to make buns? Isn't that more work for me? Of course I’m special to you. I gave birth to you!”

Her response to anything arts and crafts related that we spent the past few weeks painstakingly making in class: “I don’t know where to put it. It’s just going to be forgotten anyway!”

After so many years of trial and error gift giving and going through the process of elimination, we finally managed to start understanding what we shouldn't get her.

She-Who-Cannot-Be-Pleased dislikes chocolate and anything sweet so that ruled out cakes, cookies and biscuits as well. Flowers and cards were seen as a waste and she would not fail to tell you that you’re giving her items that would, in her eyes, end up in the bin in a week’s time. Buying her gift cards to anything just resulted her using them to buy things for ourselves; we did not find out about this until after three years of getting her gift cards then finding our Christmas presents were consistently bought from some suspiciously familiar stores despite her attempts to destroy the labels. Clothes were unwrapped, held up against her body then with her best poker face, our mother would ask if we have the receipt for it. Lastly, any household items were met with a frown that clearly spelt out the words ‘You want me to do more housework?’ on her forehead. All expenses paid weekend trips away were sprung right back round at us literally two days before departure when she would hold out tickets and said she would feel lonely so she got each of us tickets to go on the trip with her.

If your mum is anything like mine then thankfully, we have one last hope! Process of elimination dictates that pamper items are a win-win strategy!

Without further ado, if I was to pick a gift basket for my mum from the wonderful selection we have, I would undoubtedly choose the 'Heavenly Pamper Gift Basket'.

Heavenly Pamper Gift Basket Heavenly Pamper Gift Basket

From bath melts to flowery shower cap to scented candle, this basket is sure to please She-Who-Cannot-Be-Pleased who, conveniently, is going through a phase where she has a secret love for face masks and creamy body wash. Fantastic! Problem solved!

Now we just need to figure out what to do with the box of Dessert Collections chocolates in the gift basket. Thankfully, unlike our mother, the rest of us are all self-admitted chocoholics so I’m sure there would be more than a few volunteers to heartily ‘dispose’ of them.


For Mother’s Day I always find it difficult finding the right gift for my mum. After looking at all the great Mother’s Day baskets we offer, I was able to get ideas in order to create my own basket for her! I included various biscuits and cheese, and a little bit of chocolate. She is not big on pamper products and magazines so I was able to include a scented candle and pretty flowers so it would suit her perfectly! Knowing I picked the items for her myself makes me even more excited to see her receive the basket.

However, my Grandmother adores presents like the ones included in all the Mother’s Day Basket range so I chose the 'Special Nan/Grandma/Mum' basket. I know she will love having a cup of tea in her new mug whilst enjoying her favourite treats - Shortbread and Teacake!

Special Nan, Grandma or Mum Special Nan, Grandma or Mum


We all have the same mum, Selina, who also happens to work at BasketsGalore so we can't really send her a Mother's Day Gift Basket, especially if she has helped pack it! What we tend to do is fill one of our gift baskets with special treats like her favourite face cream or perfume that you can't get at BasketsGalore & that way she knows it wasn't a freebie! If mum didn't work here however we've all agreed that we'd send her "Flowers For Mum/Grandma". This is because she is a fantastic nanny to her 3 grandchildren so would love the themed mug for a cuppa whilst eating the cake & chocolates for her sweet tooth. She also loves gardening so would appreciate the flowering plant, home & gardening magazine and the hand cream.

Flowers For Mum / Grandma Flowers For Mum / Grandma

Other votes were for "Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed"  from a few of the boys as they thought their mums deserved a lie in. "Fruit & Chocolate" even got a vote as one mum is trying to eat healthily so this fresh fruit basket had that covered, with the Lindt Chocolate Truffles adding just a little calorie or 2!)

Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed


Fruit & Chocolate Basket Fruit & Chocolate Basket

What about you guys out there? Which basket would get your vote?

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