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Inch Blue Shoes In BasketsGalore Luxury Baby Baskets

For this month’s Supplier Focus we have chosen one of our favourites - Inch Blue….

We include these high quality, leather shoes in several of our Baby Gift Baskets here at BasketsGalore.

You are also able to create your own baby basket if you wish to mix and match the contents.

Inch Blue shoes come in lots of styles & varieties and you can view the ones that we stock on our Baby BasketsGalore website.

Here is some information about the company behind these shoes - Inch Blue

The UK’s much-loved brand of soft leather shoes - has been adorning the feet of babies and toddlers since 1999 and in 2014, celebrates its fifteenth year in business!

Today, Inch Blue is one of the UK’s leading brands and its collections can be found in prestigious retailers ranging from Harrods to Selfridges and its collections are sold worldwide.

Inch Blue has been a popular choice for new parents and people looking for imaginative and eye-catching gift ideas ever since it launched in 1999, and the brand’s continued success is attributed to its commitment to quality and innovation. The shoes are all hand-stitched in Inch Blue’s own factory in Wales and are made using Chrome 6-free leather, which is very safe for babies and toddlers.

The brand’s co-founder, Rhiannon Owen, is constantly developing Inch Blue’s core product range and designs dozens of new styles and colourways each season, in addition to complementary products. These include Inch Blue’s award-winning natural sheepskin baby booties, called ‘Cwtches’, luxurious printed gift sets featuring Inch Blue’s exclusive prints on babygros, hats and shoes as well as embroidered gift sets in many of the brand’s most popular designs - all of which are presented in Inch Blue’s signature luxurious packaging.

To mark its 15th birthday, Inch Blue has reintroduced a handful of its most popular designs, with small changes to ensure that they continue to look as fresh and fabulous as they did when they first launched. The designs include the Oriental Bird shoes and gift set and the Cherry Blossom shoes.

New designs for 2014 include the Fox, Tractor, Rafferty the Rabbit, Bluebell, Monty the Dog, Dash the Dachshund, Flower Pot and a new Doll shoes.

Inch Blue shoes are available from 0-6 years and gift sets and cwtches are available from 0 - 12 months.

For more information please visit

Rowan (age 5 months) has modelled the Dino shoes, and you will be able to see these on our new video that is being uploaded for the baby clothes and shoes section.


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