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How Our Products Become A Gift Basket Package

At BasketsGalore we believe what makes our gift baskets stand out from the rest is our passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the design and presentation of your gift as well as the quality of the products within.

Hours are spent on a weekly basis constantly updating and creating new and exciting combinations of baskets and hampers for you to enjoy.

We have a team of  "magic fairies" who assemble and decorate the baskets before they are safely packed into a box for shipping.

Tools To Gift Wrap

Assembly, Packaging & Delivery

We try and go far beyond your expectations. Did you know for example that even the packaging that your gift basket arrives in is specially designed and sized to give your beautiful hamper a comfortable fit without endangering its contents to possible bumps while it’s on its way to you or your loved one?

The contents of your gift basket have been carefully selected to fit well together & fill the container. They are placed onto a bed of straw both for presentation & to help keep them secure. When all the items have been placed inside the basket or hamper, the team then wrap  the basket using a special heat gun to tighten the shrink wrap & hold the items in place.


Your gift is then ready to be placed into our branded delivery carton. Inside this box each basket is protected with sheets of inflatable film (or bubbles as Johnny in our warehouse likes to call them) acting as a blanket to keep it clean, safe and secure. (These do not contain anything toxic, as the sheets are only inflated with air and heat sealed). For extra protection, if your hamper or basket contains breakables such as glass jars, then these products are also covered in bubble wrap to ensure that nothing happens to your gift or more importantly, you!

bg smaller coloured box

A beautiful piece of ribbon is added for decoration and folded into the shape of a bow for the finishing touch. We have many different types of bows depending on the occasion and type of gift basket. We began with pull bow ribbons and then progressed to organza ribbon. At Christmas time our luxury hampers receive a velvet ribbon which are handmade by BG's mummy Selina.

This year we've introduced a new type of ribbon called Eleganza. The colours selected have a much earthier tone which is perfect for the food hampers and fruit themed gift baskets since the contents of these baskets are by their very definition filled with natural earthy colours. These types of ribbon have quite a wide mesh or webbing, but are perfect for creating a bow which is contrasted to the surrounding ribbon wrapped around the gift basket.

So why not spoil someone you love with a beautifully made hamper or gift basket, knowing that Baskets Galore have the best possible people working on it to ensure that it not only looks amazing, but that that personal touch is added to make sure it will be safe and secure from the moment it leaves our headquarters, until the moment it arrives.

Constantly Improving

We’re at that stage in company development were there is a constant reappraising of processes and techniques as we attempt to improve our product in our quest to produce the Greatest Gift Baskets in the World!

When we first started Baskets Galore, we sourced our bows and ribbons from the local wholesaler who also sold wicker baskets amongst many other things.

His wholesale business was his own name, but he used the marketing strap line “The Road To Basketsgalore”, which was a bit of a coincidence.

We have grown so much over the last decade that we are now able to buy big enough quantities to fill a shipping container. This then means the prices we pay are substantially less for buying in volume & helps us to keep our prices competitive.

The most important thing is that the we strive to exceed our customers expectations. That means creating a gift basket we’d be delighted to receive ourselves & we hope you agree that we are achieving this.

Thank You - By Jade & Jonny

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